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How to boost a post on Facebook |How to Use Facebook Boost Post Button and Get Results

Let’s see the steps to make a boost a post on Facebook:

How to boost a post on Facebook

Choose a post to boost

Click the blue Boost Post button in the lower-right corner of the post you want to boost. Or, you can go to the “Insights” tab and see a list of all posts. Each post has a “Boost Post” button.

How to target your audience

After clicking the Boost Post button you’ll be taken to a window where you can choose targeting options. You could opt to include only people who like your Page. Most businesses find it better to target a specific, based on age, location, sex, or interests. If you want to create a custom audience, click the “Create New Audience” option.

From “Create New Audience” option you can add or remove locations, set the age range, and even include people who are interested in specific topics or pages.

Set your budget

Once you have set the target audience, you will have to select a budget. Once your audience is set, you will know a realistic gauge for how many reaches your post can get under each budget. The minimum is $1 per day.

Set the boost duration

Decide when you want your post to run. You can choose one day, seven days, or 14 days. Or you can choose to run the ad until a specified date in the future.

Preview the post

Take the time to review the ad copy and creative. Make sure it’s free of errors, that all the links work, and all the visual elements look good. This is your last chance to make changes before it goes live.

Select a payment option

Facebook accepts all the payment types. Fill out your details.


Click on “Boost Now”. Facebook does review all boosted posts, it will take a few minutes. You can check the status of your boosted posts by looking at the Delivery column of your Ads Manager.



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