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Lenovo Z5 is going to have a 4TB onboard storage

Lenovo Z5
Lenovo Z5


The Lenovo Z5 is scheduled to launch June 14, it may be the first smartphone with 4TB of onbord storage. We expect the people don’t care about the lack of microSD card slot if the Lenovo to omit the card slot in device Z5 because it has 4TB storage. Lenovo is making a lot of hype about its upcoming smartphone. The VP disclosed 4TB of storage can store up to 1 million photos, 2000 movies and 150000 lossless music. The Lenovo VP also disclosed in the post that the device is expected to be launched in June.
According to Chang Cheng, the Z5 will come with a whopping 4TB on internal Universal Flash Storage 2.1 flash memory. We are pretty sure that a majority of smartphone users don’t need this much amount of internal storage on their smartphones and a large chunk of this space is likely to go unused unless you are one of those who carry their entire movie or high-resolution audio library along with them at all times. But we all know that it is never about “Do we need this much” and instead it boils down to “How cool is this option”. 
A few days back Lenovo’s VP shared a teaser image of Z5 that showed the phone’s bezel-less design.It is really thin bezels so it’s no surprise that Lenovo also went for this design. 
However, 4TB of onbord memory storage hasn’t been seen on a smartphone before. Smartistan launched a smartphone with up to 1TB of storage at a super high price of 8,848 Yuan approximately Rs 93,000. So expect the Lenovo Z5 to be priced on the higher side as well. Earlier, Lenovo said that the Z5 will have four technological breakthroughs which we haven’t seen in any smartphone until now. 
Lenovo already confirmed that the device will feature over 95% screen-to-body ratio, only the second smartphone after Vivo APEX to achieve that insane number. The back of the device will be made of glass. Specifications of the Lenovo Z5 are yet to be revealed by the company. Other specs may include a MediaTek Helio P60 chip considering the VP’s praise of the premium MediaTek chip a while back.

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