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Top 10 Best iPhone Apps 2018 | MUST HAVE


This iPhone App is perfect for students, the apps itself says it’s your homework helper and maths solver. Just take the photo of the question and get the instant explanation, answers and step by step help. Unlike photo math, it supports all subjects including maths English science economy and many more.


All the wallpaper has categorized neatly into a different section. The wallpapers are high resolution and unique. Something has very unique.


This is a private browser that keeps no record of your history its ad-free. You can freely browse with no ads and no popups and next time you re-launch the app your browsing history is cleared. One good thing is that by default your browsing is cognitive mode. It is better to open the online store and bank account with this app to more secure.


Basically, this iPhone App makes your smartphone as a gaming controller. You can use this app on your computer browser, Android TV, and laptop. Just head on over to and pair your device. Then you can choose from a list of games. You have puzzle games, arcade, shooting and single player as well as multiplayer game. So that you can pair multiple smartphones to play with your family.


According to your location, you can interact with people like viewing their profile and interacting. It so handy to share post and messages quickly. Since this app shows the near-by people and businesses . its good to find new people and businesses around you to connect. Moreover, you can view and share post events updates interact what others are sharing follow or add the contact as a friend. You get points according to the users. It is always good to find something new.


For full control over your phone’s camera, the app has the best manual camera setting to get the best out of your I phone’s camera. You can control settings like exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and focus by selecting the settings and adjusting it from this later. You also have various modes for your camera like a slow shutter, timelapse and 3D which very rare in the camera app. Another plus is that you can build leveler as well. Also, you can shoot as RAW it is plus for photographers.


This iPhone App helps to design beautiful posts and thumbnails for your Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many more. Very simple to make attractive business posts your business pages.

1 Password

This is among the best password manager app that can be used for saving secure info like bank account details, credit card details, login credentials, WIFI info secure notes and so on. You can lock this app with face id, fingerprint and master passcode. And it also has a secure browser for secure login. While adding login details you can use the password generator for password ideas. So you don’t have to memorize your passwords and other security details.


The new updates have been made even better all the desktop great tools are available you select tools by simply swiping vertically and make the adjusting by swiping horizontally. We can also preview layers of edits and adjust each layer. All in all its great app to edit photos on your smartphones.


Similarly, we have touch re-touch, there are times we take the picture and something in the picture ruins it, this app helps to eliminate that.


With AMPME you can connect with multiple devices and play the same music across the all the devices to create your own loudspeaker. The sound is pretty amazing if pair two phones of or more phones. This app supports your music libraries youtube to create amazing music experience. Now you can party anywhere with just your phone.

I hope you find your useful apps here if you feel your favorite app is on missing feel free to comment.

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